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H.E Governor of  West Bengal

Sri Jagdeep Dhankhar

Hon'ble Governor of West Bengal


President, Indian Red Cross Society West Bengal State Branch


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An Appeal

Indian Red Cross Society is undertaking humanitarian activities in this hour of crisis due to Coronavirus spread throughout West Bengal like:

1. Campaigns to stay at home and follow instructions of Govt.

2. Distribution of food packets to needy people specially in backward and tribal areas.

3. Motivating people to donate blood to meet the shortage specially for thalassemia patients.

4. Distribution of PPEs.

5. House to house visit as per guidelines of District Administration

To support our philanthropic activities, we need your help. Pl donate generously to Red Cross. Our bank particulars are given below:

1. Name of a/c: IRCS, WBSB

2. A/C no: 11143637263

3. Name of bank: SBI

4. Name of Branch: Specialised Institutional Banking

5. IFC code: SBIN0014524

6. MICR code: 700002404

From the Desk of Chairman

Chairman IRCSWB

Indian Red Cross Society was constituted by Indian Red Cross Society Act 1920 ( Act XV), a Parliament Act. West Bengal Branch came into existence on 5th January, 1921 by Bengal Act (VIII), It is the only non-profit making humanitarian organisation created by a statute in the country. The Indian Red Cross West Bengal Branch is dedicated for humanitarian activities among the people of the State, specially the weaker section of the society.

It is engaged in several welfare activities for the benefit of the needy people and vulnerable sections of the society and it is supplemental to various Govt. programmes for a long period of time.

In the OPDs and clinics, run by this society, various services like medical check up, consultation, distribution of medicines etc. are undertaken free of cost . IRCS volunteers reach out to extend assistance and relief to the victims of natural or man-made calamities and disasters. First Aid camps are regularly organised for the visitors in numerous Melas, Fairs & similar public congregations. Disaster Management trainings are conducted for volunteers, school & college students and women empowerment and for creating capacities to face emergencies. First Aid Trainings are imparted to educate citizens to save life during "Golden Hour" after any medical emergency, prior to availability of doctors' help.

We try with dedication to pursue the abovementioned purposes for which a transparent framework of relationship between Govt., Public & Private Sectors and IRCS, WBSB for grants, donations and campaigns, are essential for an effective operational collaboration. We firmly believe that unstinted support of the business & philanthropic community and public in general will help to sustain our humanitarian activities in the society.

Dr. Rathin Chakravarty





1. Notice to engage a Volunteer

2. Engagement Notice : 11.9.2019

3. Engagement Notice : 19.9.2019

4. Engagement Notice-1 : 15.10.2019

5. Engagement Notice-2 : 15.10.2019

6. Tender Notice : 28.09.2020

7. Quotation Notice : 5.10.2020

8. Quotation Notice : 11.01.2021

9. Quotation Notice : 4.02.2021

10. Quotation Notice : 5.02.2021

11. Quotation Notice : 2.03.2021

12. Quotation Notice : 4.03.2022

13. Tender Notice : 15.03.2022

Inauguration of IRCS WBSB website

Our Activities


Free Medical Treatment in OPDs

The Society runs 9 (nine) OPDs or charitable dispensaries at different locations in and around Kolkata, mainly for serving the weaker section of the society.



Heath Camps

Indian Red Cross Society, West Bengal State Branch organizes free medical / health check-up camps in rural areas in the districts of West Bengal, specially in remote areas.



First Aid Camps

First Aid Camps are organized for treating people visiting large melas/ fairs at different places in the State including Ganga Sagar Mela, Khadi Mela, International Kolkata Book Fair etc.



Blood Donation Camps

Blood Donation Camps are organized and facilitated to save human life at different public places and corporate offices.



Rescue and Relief in Disasters

The Red Cross Volunteers act as first responder for relief and rescue operation in any natural or man-made disasters in the State.



Family News Service

Family News Service (FNS) restores family link (RFL) between separated family members in the Family News Service programme. This is particularly important in prisons, international borders and big melas like Ganga Sagar Mela.



Community Health Awareness Campaigns

Red Cross conducts awareness campaigns for prevention of vector-borne diseases & other kind of diseases and similar social issues.



Observation of WHO & ICRC Recommend Special Days

Red Cross organizes seminars / workshops for observing Special Days on health related matters, recommended by World Health Organization e.g. World Aids Day, World Diabetes Day, World Cancer Day, World TB Day, World Heart Day etc.



Ambulance Services

Red Cross provides Ambulance services during medical emergencies.


Our Training Program


First Aid Training

First Aid Training is imparted for capacity building to save life during "Golden Hour" in medical emergencies. This training is provided to Red Cross Volunteers, Public in general, students and youths.



Disaster Management Training

The training is imparted for capacity building for preparedness to face any kind of man-made or natural disasters.



Vocational Training

Vocational Training is conducted training for self-help and empowerment of women.